(Lyrics) Priddy Ugly – Nightmares

Priddy Ugly Nightmares Lyrics


Priddy Ugly Nightmares Lyrics

Priddy Ugly Nightmares Lyrics: Check out this lyrics of this new song “Nightmares” by Priddy Ugly.

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Priddy Ugly Nightmares Lyrics

[Verse 1]

See, I live my life inside a nightmare
It’s by choice that I spent most of my nights there
There’s no lights there
Nowhere for you to hide there
When you fight Bears, stupid is you gon’ fight fair?
Side stares, just might leave your wife dead
Your eyes will be the only motherfuckin’ thing that I spare
Leave those silly ideas, that inside I might care
Come across death when you looking for life there
You quite scared, meet your worst nightmare

[Verse 2]

Look, I’m a combination of Freddy Kruger and Jason
Leave no witnesses, so basically your statement’s adjacent
To the place in my basement where I was stomping your face in
Bam bam I’m a caveman, now your blood’s in my basin
You need a facelift
I only like blood red, so I admit that I’m a racist
Put a hook through your braces
Drag your face on the pavement
Give a fuck what your age is, give a damn about your status
Kill ’em all, you and all the niggas you came with

[Verse 3]

I put away the crucifix
That’s holy water, feeding disciples with tuna fish
It’s Ludacris, I chill with demons and some lunatics
Dracula’s roommate, they asking “Who’s tomb is this?”
Laying to rest all the demons
Days turn into evenings
Nightmares to day dreaming
Freedom, no reason to stay scheming
Moonlight silences the night’s screaming

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