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(Lyrics) Ayanda Jiya ft Kwesta – Love Me

Ayanda Jiya Love Me Song Lyrics

Ayanda Jiya Love Me Lyrics

Ayanda Jiya Love Me Song Lyrics: Here is the Lyrics of Ayanda Jiya latest single titled “Love Me”, featuring Kwesta.


[Verse 1: Ayanda Jiya]
Took time to really love me
Strip me down, heal my wounds and really love me
Wear my mind on my sleeve cause my heart breaks
Heart needs time to heal, that’s what it takes
Never put no one above me
This life has really been just about me
I seek for nothing less, being beside you boy, I’m blessed
If you really love me, don’t you say that you don’t
Show me that you love me
‘Cause I’m not tryna be a fool for anybody
If you want the game then play
I don’t want the same old thing
The play-out stays the same

[Chorus: Ayanda Jiya]
Love me (Love me)
Love-love, love-love, love
Love me (Me)
Love-love, love-love, love

[Verse 2: Kwesta]
(Bheka, ayy)
Don’t correct me if I’m wrong
I’m right where I should be
Loving you is a song, I’m right where the hook be
Pages that I write on, no lies on ’em, look see
This chapter of my life is really why they book me
Oh, it’s over once the album hits the shelves
All I wrote that was inspired by yourself
Master ownership, I don’t need their help
A love story, we should publish this ourselves
Don’t let them label us, unless they distribute the love
See the table is ours, we choosing the food at lunch
It’s complicated but, that is what is true to us
We’re making love and it’s magic on their music charts
I put my soul into penning this piece
That way it’s not sold, independent release
Yeah it’s hard to believe, bamba ngiyakupha
Wear my heart on my sleeve
I designwa nguwe
That’s love

[Chorus: Ayanda Jiya & Kwesta]

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